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March for Science - Denver Supporter Statement

We, the undersigned, affirm our support for the March for Science - Denver. We agree with the position underlying the March's mission and goals:

  • that robustly funded and publicly communicated science is a pillar of human freedom and prosperity
  • good science informs good public policy, regardless of political party or philosophy of government
  • a diverse and inclusive scientific community asks a broader range of questions and rewards us with a greater understanding of our world.

As such, we commit to and call for public support of science that upholds the common good and for political leaders and policymakers to enact evidence-based policies in the public interest.

Signatories (* - affiliation for identification only)

  • Clare Leonard, Ph.D.
    Philosophy of Education

  • Derek Vigil-Fowler

  • Gaythia Weis

  • Heide Ford, Ph.D.*
    Professor in Department of Pharmacology
    Associate Director of Basic Research
    University of Colorado Cancer Center

  • Henry Gertzman

  • James DeGregori, Ph.D.*
    Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
    Deputy Director
    Univ. of Colorado Cancer Center

  • James Hagman, Ph.D.*
    Professor of Biomedical Research, National Jewish Health

  • John Bollinger

  • John P. Kole

  • Jon Epperson, Ph.D.*
    Mathematics, Air Force Academy (retired)

  • Kara Lukin, Ph.D.
    STEM Educator, K-24

  • Kenny A. Chaffin
    Electrical Engineer, Computer Scientist, Writer, Poet

  • Kevin Hennegan, M.A.*
    Vice President, Clinical and Regulatory Affairs
    CBR International Corp.

  • Matt Young*
    Department of Physics, Colorado School of Mines

  • Michael F. Antolin*
    Professor in Department of Biology, Colorado State University

  • Michael Klymkowsky*
    Molecular Biology, University of Colorado

  • Paul Jedlicka, Ph.D., M.D.
    Associate Professor in Department of Pathology, Anschutz Medical Campus

  • Robert LaRue*
    Anthropology Teacher, Boulder Valley School District (retired)

  • Steven Mahone
    Energy Management and Operations

  • Susan Epperson*
    Epperson vs. Arkansas
    Biology, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (retired)

  • Thomas R. Bidell, Ed.D.*
    Professor of Education, Boston College (retired)

  • Colorado Citizens for Science
    Derek Vigil-Fowler, President,

  • Colorado Democratic Party

  • Colorado Human Rights Campaign

  • Green Party of Colorado

  • The LGBT Community Center of Colorado

  • The Secular Hub

  • Mayor Michael B. Hancock
    Mayor of the City and County of Denver

  • State Representative KC Becker
    House Majority Leader, District 13*

  • State Representative Jovan E. Melton
    House Majority Deputy Whip, House District 41*

  • Councilman Rafael Espinoza
    Denver City Council, District 1*

  • Councilwoman Robin Kniech
    Denver City Council, At-Large*

  • Councilman Paul D. López
    Denver City Council, District 3*

  • State Senator John Kefalas
    District 14*

  • State Senator Stephen Fenberg
    District 18*

  • State Senator Rachel Zenzinger
    District 19*

  • State Senator Dominick Moreno
    District 21*

  • State Senator Rhonda Fields
    District 29*

  • State Senator Lois Court
    District 31*

  • State Representative Chris Hansen, Ph.D.
    District 6*

March Information

April 22, 2017
Civic Center Park

March begins at 10 am
Activities from 9 am to 2 pm


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