Endorsements Received

Denver March for Science Proclamations and Endorsements

as of April 14, 2018

Show your support for science by completing a brief form containing our endorsement statement.


Copy of JWH_flag The State of Colorado has issued a proclamation declaring April 14, 2018 Denver March for Science Day.

Denver City CouncilThe Council of the City and County of Denver has issued a proclamation supporting Denver March for Science.


The individuals and entities listed below have expressed their agreement with our endorsement statement.

Elected Officials

Ed Perlmutter, U.S. Representative, 7th Congressional District

KC Becker

Colorado House Majority Leader, representative from District 13

Jeff BridgesJeff Bridges

Colorado House of Representatives, District 3

Andy Kerr

Colorado State Senator, District 22

Matt Jones

Colorado State Senator, District 17

Dylan Roberts

Colorado House of Representatives, District 26

Paul Rosenthal

Colorado House of Representatives, District 9

Mike WeissmanMike Weisman

Colorado House of Representatives, District 36

Rachel Zenzinger

Colorado State Senator, District 19

Businesses and Organizations

Colorado School of Mines Society of Physics Students

EDvention, LLC

Rustic Relics

Tesseract Productions

Ugly Research, Inc.

Individual Endorsements

Endorser affiliations are shown for identification purposes only and do not signify an endorsement by the employer.

Donald Beaver, Prof. Emeritus of Zoology, Michigan State University

John Bollinger

Charles A. D’Ambra, Digital Strategy consultant, retired

James DeGregori, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, Univ of Colorado School of Medicine

James Hagman, Professor of Biomedical Research, National Jewish Health

Kevin Hennegan

Tom Kost, Retired research scientist

Tracy McNary, Teacher

Tamim Shaikh, Professor of Pediatrics, University of Colorado School of Medicine

Lesley Smith, Candidate CU Regent At Large

Matt Young, Teaching Professor, retired, Colorado School of Mines

Endorsement Statement

I/we affirm our support for the Denver March for Science and agree with the position underlying the March’s mission and goals:

– Robustly funded and publicly communicated science is a pillar of human freedom and prosperity.
– Good science informs good public policy, regardless of political party or philosophy of government.
– A diverse and inclusive scientific community asks a broader range of questions and rewards us with a greater understanding of our world.
– Equitable access to science and science education is critical to individual autonomy, an informed citizenry, a vibrant economy, and to best prepare future generations to thrive in an increasingly inter-connected world.

As such, I/we commit to and call for public support of science education, scientific research, and science as an institution that upholds the common good, and for political leaders and policymakers to enact evidence-based policies in the public interest.