Denver March for Science Green Initiative

Denver March for Science is dedicated to keeping our environment clean and green. Join us in our commitment to ensuring a sustainable future for the City of Denver, our event, and the planet. We can’t keep the March clean without your help! It’s super easy to assist in preserving the natural beauty of our parks.

Learn more about Denver’s Certifiably Green Program criteria.

Before the March

Make a Difference – Volunteer!

  • Fill up your reusable water bottle. Americans use roughly 50 billion plastic water bottles a year and nearly 80% of them end up in the landfill. One of the easiest ways to cut down on waste is by using a reusable water bottle.
  • Bring snacks that have less waste – use Ziploc bags which are recyclable at grocery store bag drop offs, reusable tupperware, or bring a lunch box!
  • Only take items that you will use/read.
  • Make signs out of recyclable materials – neon poster board is not recyclable.
  • Share signs within your group – trade off and give your arms a break!
  • Or consider ditching the sign all together – make a statement with your words, not on paper!
  • Turn off all lights and unused electric appliances before leaving, including your heater.

Getting to the March:

Energy efficient and safe travel. Bike, carpooling, or taxi-like services can help us reduce our event footprint. Anyone using alternative transportation to attend our event is eligible for prize drawings. Stop by a volunteer table to register.

Denver Metro Area
Way to Go: 303-455-1000

North Front Range
VanGo: 1-800-332-0950

Colorado Springs
MetroRides: 719-385-7433

At the March:

  • Pack in, pack out. Pack anything you bring in reusable containers so you don’t have to pack out trash but rather reusable containers to take back home and reuse.
  • If you do discard anything at the event, use the proper bins.  We will have marked trash and recycling bins around the park to aid in this effort – if you aren’t sure which bin it belongs in, ask a volunteer monitor!
  • Do not dump fluids on the ground – take them home for proper disposal.
  • Put down your energy consuming electronics and enjoy the event!

After the March:

  • Save your sign to use next year or at another event.
  • Practice green and Leave No Trace ethics.
  • Be respectful of wildlife and others. Do not feed your food scraps to wildlife. Keep it wild.
  • Offset your emissions.
  • Consider going paperless – almost all correspondences can be electronic nowadays!
  • Encourage your workplace to become certifiably green.