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You understand that science and the scientific method are powerful tools to study the universe in which we live. You might prefer that politics be kept out of science altogether but are concerned, if not alarmed, at attempts to restrict funding and communication of science for political reasons. You think policy makers should have access to and should carefully consider the best available science in their decision making.

The Denver March for Science is stepping up on behalf of all who share these sentiments. You want to make a difference, and there are several ways we can do it together!


March with Us!

Join us at Civic Center Park in Denver on Saturday, April 14, 2018, for a non-partisan March, rally and teach-in. We’re planning a fun, family-friendly event, with live music and speakers, as well as discussions and demonstrations in a variety of scientific disciplines. The schedule of events will be updated as performers, speakers and presenters are confirmed.

Endorse Us

It’s free! Read our Endorsement Statement. If you agree, complete the brief form. It’s that easy.

Dinosaur designGet Your Gear

Show your support for science and promote the March with a tee shirt, hoodie or other gear from our Official Store. Choose from several cool designs, many available in women’s cuts and children’s sizes. All profits benefit the Denver March for Science.

Make a Donation

The Denver March for Science has adopted a tight budget for our upcoming event. Help us pay for essential expenses like permits and port-o-potties by contributing to our GoFundMe campaign.


The Denver March for Science is an all volunteer organization. Over 70 supporters of science have already volunteered for our 2018 event, but we still have a few roles to fill and can use more help on the day of the March.

Businesses and Organizations

Become a Sponsor

Robust science helps your business or organization thrive. Give back by helping us cover the essential expenses at our upcoming event. All sponsors will receive a mention on social media, a listing and link to your website on ours, visibility to 10,000+ attendees, and priority for hosting a booth at the event, with upper sponsorship tiers receiving additional benefits. Download our Sponsorship Package today.