Teach-In Tables at 2018 Denver March for Science

Denver March for Science is pleased to announce an outstanding line-up of science teach-in tables at our April 14, 2018 event. The teach-in is an open-air science fair that aims to educate our community about STEM and public affairs. More than forty organizations plus students from nine Colorado schools are presenting on a wide range of interesting topics this year. Join us to learn about essentials and recent advances in several scientific fields. Explore opportunities and challenges awaiting investigation. Find out more about where a STEM career may lead.

Presenters with similar topics will be co-located in the same section of Civic Center Park, as indicated below.

Life Throughout Time

Western Interior Paleontological Society – The Western Interior Paleontological Society (WIPS) is a Denver-based, nonprofit organization dedicated to scientific, educational and charitable activities related to paleontology, the study of fossils. Our mission is scientific, educational, and charitable and provides educational programs in paleontology and related disciplines. Field trips, lectures, seminars, and science-related activities are available. Responsible codes of conduct in the exploration for and collection of fossils are required for assisting museums, educational institutions and cooperating with government authorities on state and federal lands. At the March we will explain our mission to the public, have hands-on fossil displays, and generally promote the scientific facts of biological evolution and the history of life on earth.

Friends of Dinosaur Ridge – The mission of the Friends of Dinosaur Ridge is to educate the public about, and ensure the preservation of, the natural and historic resources of Dinosaur Ridge, Triceratops Trail, and the surrounding areas. We support the sciences related to geology and paleontology and work with over 17,000 school children each year to increase their interest in science.

Earth, Rivers, and Oceans

science teacherCU Museum of Natural History – The University of Colorado Museum of Natural History fosters exploration and appreciation of the natural environment and human cultures through research, teaching, and community outreach. Our teach-in table will feature fossils that represent past life in Colorado to engage audience in conversations about how learning about the past helps us plan for the future. People can make a trilobite magnet to take with them.

Colorado Scientific Society – The Colorado Scientific Society is an earth science organization. We will focus on public outreach.

Denver Justice and Peace Committee – The Denver Justice and Peace Committee (DJPC) is a grassroots organization, which promotes human rights, economic, and environmental justice through education and nonviolent activism to support communities seeking justice for all people. We stand in solidarity with peoples in the Americas, particularly with oppressed communities in Latin America. We recognize the destructive impact of unregulated extractive industries and support efforts by affected communities to take local control of the regulation of such industries and limit the impact of mining and drilling. Through our participation in the march we will be raising awareness of the impact of such industries in communities in Latin America.

Wildlife Protection Solutions – Wildlife Conservation Technology.

CO-LABS – CO-LABS is a consortium of over 30 federally-funded research laboratories and institutes in Colorado, we will have information on the network of labs ranging from the U.S. Depts. of Energy, Commerce, Agriculture, Interior; the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, and related joint research agencies across the state.


Americans for Nuclear Energy – Nuclear energy is safe, cheap, plentiful, clean, and efficient. It has the capability to stop and reverse climate change, while addressing the ever-growing demand for electricity globally. We strive to educate American citizens about this technology, and to dispel misconceptions with facts. We firmly believe that both human civilization and industrialism can easily coexist with a healthy environment.

Tech & Engineering

Abaca Games – We are an educational video game company, and we will be publicizing our upcoming game that teaches about climate change.

Innovation & Tech Today – As Editor-in-Chief of a national publication focused on science, women in technology, sustainability, and innovation, I am uniquely motivated to share our growing body of knowledge with the participants at the March for Science. Our publication encourages and celebrates the dissemination of scientific information and aims to provide insight into technological and scientific advancements in an easily digestible format. Now more than ever, we need to celebrate science and facts. In these strange times of doubt and “alternative facts,” it is pivotal that we carefully consider the legitimacy of our sources and always act on principles of transparency. Our willingness to value truth, knowledge, and science will be a key predictor of our stance as global innovators in the coming years. It is our mission to celebrate the innovators, scientists, and influencers who advance our understanding of the possibilities of human achievement. 

Climate Science

9News KUSA – 9News is the local NBC affiliate in Denver. Our teach-in will focus on our storm truck, and how we broadcast weather stories.

Science Fair Board ClipartDenver-Boulder American Meteorological Society (DBAMS) – DBAMS is the local chapter of the American Meteorological Society. We welcome everyone to join us for hands-on activities: you can create a cloud in a bottle or a mini-tornado. Members of our chapter will share information about the weather and climate of Colorado’s Front Range.

Food & Water Watch, Colorado – Food & Water Watch Colorado is a non-profit that champions healthy food and clean water for all. The teach-in will focus on discussing the climate science behind climate change and the health research behind the impacts of oil and gas development. 

Citizens’ Climate Lobby – Ninety-seven percent of climate scientists agree that humans are causing global warming. Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a non-profit, nonpartisan, grassroots advocacy organization focused on national policies to address climate change. At our teach-in, we will provide opportunities for constituents to express their support for climate action to their elected officials.

Physics and Astronomy

science artDenver Astronomical Society – Solar observing, dangers of observing without appropriate solar filters.

Little Shop of Physics – Hands-on educational outreach for all ages focusing on weather and climate.

University of Denver Society of Physics Students – We are a group of students at the University of Denver dedicated to dispersing knowledge on the topics of physics and astronomy in order to increase interest in these fields. We achieve this goal by presenting hands-on physics demonstrations that explain some of the more interesting and fun aspects of the physical sciences.

Ecology and Conservation

Department of Biology, Colorado State University-Pueblo – We are the Department of Biology at Colorado State University-Pueblo. We offer a full complement of competitive pre-professional programs, strong programs in environmental biology (especially regional field biology), and a quality program for biology educators.

Defend Our Future – Defend Our Future is a non-partisan, non-profit project of the Environmental Defense Fund. The mission of Defend Our Future is to reach out to the near 85% of bi-partisan millennials who agree that the environment is a serious policy area that deserves political action. Because of this, our main objective is to educate these students about environmental policy while motivating them to have a voice in the political process. Our booth will focus on educating people on how to leverage direct political action to make a different on climate change and other scientifically back environmental issues.

AFGE Local 3607 – AFGE Local 3607 represents EPA employees in Colorado. Our teach in will cover scientific understanding and the impacts of public policy on public health and the environment.

science teacherThriving Earth Exchange, AGU – We help scientists and communities work together on projects that use science to advance community priorities, especially in areas like natural hazards, sustainability, pollution, and natural resources.

Rocky Mountain Wild – Rocky Mountain Wild is a 501(c)3 that works to protect, connect, and restore wildlife and wild lands in the Southern Rocky Mountain region. Our table will include a direct action to protect endangered species in our region.

Defenders of Wildlife – Defenders of Wildlife is a national, non-profit wildlife conservation organization dedicated to the protection of native plants and animals in their natural communities. Stop by the Defenders table to learn more about our efforts to safeguard wildlife and the habitat they need to survive by advocating for science-based policies and working directly with stakeholders, agencies, and tribes to help wildlife and humans coexist. 

Wild Connections – Wild Connections is a science-based conservation organization that works to identify, protect, and restore wildlands, native species, and biological diversity in the upper Arkansas and South Platte watersheds (central Colorado). We will have info about local conservation efforts on public lands and the role that science plays to help identify and protect these lands.

Biomedical and Health

science researcherBonfils Blood Center – Colorado blood donors have been partnering with Bonfils Blood Center, Colorado’s nonprofit community blood center, since 1943. It takes more than 3,000 blood donations each week for Bonfils to meet the needs of patients in Colorado and beyond for everything from car accidents and other traumas to surgeries and routine medical treatments. It takes donors of all types to maintain a safe and ready blood supply at all times, and it’s the blood already on the shelf that helps in an emergency. Individuals as young as 16 years of age may be eligible to donate blood with parental permission and there is no upper age limit as long as all other eligibility requirements are met. Visit bonfils.org for more information.

University of Colorado Sleep and Development Lab – Sleep researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder are dedicated to studying physiological and behavioral factors influencing the regulation of sleep across early childhood and to better understanding how sleep and circadian rhythms affect young children’s emotional, cognitive, social, and brain development. Our team is committed to educating the general public through dissemination of research findings and to providing research training experiences to students.

Institute of Cannabis Research (Colorado State University – Pueblo) – The ICR is a multi-college research institute under the authority of Pueblo county and CSU-Pueblo to study everything cannabis. We will bring to this year’s march the research conducted by the college of Biology at CSU-Pueblo. We hope to teach the public that we study cannabis objectively with ideals to broaden the scientific knowledge of this resourceful plant.

Denver Biolabs – Denver Biolabs is a non-profit open access community laboratory that educates the public in the rapidly advancing field of synthetic biology. Our teach-in table will focus on teaching the basics of genetics and the lab techniques we use to make science happen in our lab.

Sigma Xi and MCDB, CU Boulder – Undergraduates in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology at University of Colorado Boulder are engaging in research! The department has recently converted all introductory labs to a research-based curriculum so all students have access to research experiences during their undergraduate education. We are excited to share our love of DNA and molecular biology! A group of students will show March of Science attendees how to isolate DNA (yes, an entire genome!) at our booth. Participants will learn about the many molecular similarities among different species and will be able to see the DNA they isolate.

American Lung Association in Colorado – Promoting importance of clean air inside and out and ways persons can improve their lung health.

Denver Department of Public Health & Environment – Denver’s Department of Public Health & Environment is dedicated to advancing Denver’s environmental and public health goals. The teach in will focus on: healthy air, land and water quality; climate change; sustainability; community health promotion; public health; medical examiner; and public health inspections.

Science in the Community

Colorado PTA – Parent Advocacy Group that works towards improving the quality of education.

Freedom From Religion Foundation Metro Denver Chapter – We are advocates for separation of church and state and will educate on how there are attempts to highjack public school science education with religious influence (creationism), how our government leaders are trying to include religious influence in laws vs science. We will educate on how our organization works to stop this on multiple levels.

RCV for Colorado – RCV for Colorado in a non-partisan organization that promotes better elections through Ranked Choice Voting. Our teach-in will have a live demonstration of how the ballots are tallied, samples of what RCV ballots will look like in Colorado, and an informal opinion poll. Last year we had a Pokémon election, which was fun for kids and adults alike.

Storybook Moments – Storybook Moments is a STEM outreach organization composed of scientists who wish to positively influence children suffering from diseases or disorders that our work aims to help. Our focus is to engage kids on a personal level to promote the sciences – while simultaneously building connections between biomedical professionals and the public. By dressing in a variety of motivating costumes (e.g. superheros, storybook characters) we aim to incorporate a “magical” quality in this outreach, and further encourage the children’s interest in science.

Jefferson Humanists – The Jefferson Humanist’s mission is to expand an ethical and life-affirming Humanist Community devoted to science, reason, inclusion and social responsibility.

Secular Hub – The Secular Hub is an organization dedicated to providing event space and membership to organizations promoting a secular world view, a scientific understanding of the natural world, an an interest in meeting and organizing with others who share similar beliefs. The Hub’s “motto” is C.A.R.E.: Community * Altruism * Reason * Education. Our Teach-in will focus on sharing our mission with those attending the March, and meeting science-savvy people who may have an interest or an expertise they perhaps can share during an event at our facility. We enjoy bringing science — on many topics – to our members!

500 Women Scientists (Boulder pod) – We are women. We are scientists. We stand for equality, inclusivity, and advocating for the important role of science in society. As women scientists, we are in the position to take action to increase diversity in science and other disciplines. We support all minorities, immigrants, people with disabilities, and LGBTQIA. Our teach-in will include activities highlighting women in science, suitable for all ages as well as educators. Our members represent a wide variety of scientific disciplines, and we are also excited to share our knowledge and experiences. Science is our superpower!

Project Bridge Colorado – Our mission is to bridge the communication gap between scientists and the public by giving researchers the tools and opportunities to foster public interest in scientific research.

Communities to Build Active STEM Engagement – Communities to Build Active STEM Engagement (CBASE) provides undergraduate research opportunities to students at Colorado State University-Pueblo. It is a Title III part F grant from the Department of Education. Teach in will include a biology demonstration from our students. 

One Colorado – One Colorado is the state’s leading advocacy organization for LGBTQ Coloradans and their families.

Society for the Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) – SACNAS is a nationwide organization that makes sure that those most underrepresented in STEM have the support they need to attain advanced degrees, careers, and positions of leadership. Our teach-in will focus on promoting higher education focused in the sciences.

Frontiers of Science Institute with the University of Northern Colorado – This organization focuses on the support of youth who excel in STEM and allows them to perform graduate level research and learn skills that will be used in the scientific world.

Science Riot! – Science Riot is devoted to promoting public enthusiasm for science through the outreach tool of stand-up comedy! We teach scientists how to talk funny!

Great Education Colorado – Great Schools, Thriving Communities is focused on ensuring that public school funding across the state of Colorado is not only adequate, but equitable. You can sign our petition for Initiative 93 to give the voters of Colorado a chance to say “yes!” to funding public education. This initiative funds expanded educational opportunities through tax increments on income earned above $150,000 and on corporations and ensures that decisions about how to use those new funds are made at the local level. This provides sustainable funding by lowering and freezing property tax rates, which are currently 3rd lowest in the nation. 92% of filers will have no impact on their individual income taxes.